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What is Information Access?

This site displays previously disclosed information access requests fulfilled under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act from 1 April 2018. You can browse, search and download packages from this site.

This list will be updated weekly. New packages are added 14 days after they are released to the original applicant.
If you’re looking for request packages from before 1 April 2018, please contact Information Access and Privacy Services.

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Most recent requests

The following is a compiled list of requests received under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPOP).
Request number Decision maker Source Date closed Summary
2018-07594-DLF DLF, Lands and Forestry Public Documents where Atvans is referencing or asking about NSFAH
2018-07593-DLF DLF, Lands and Forestry Public Correspondence related to Atvans trail permits in Nova Scotia
2018-07576-LAE LAE, Labour and Advanced Education Media Farms that have obtained an Employer Registration Certificate
2018-07554-ISD ISD, Internal Services Public Records indicating the costs to the government, to date, of responding to…
2018-07445-ENV ENV, Environment Media All records from March 1, 2017 to September 10, 2018 (inclusive) related…
2018-07417-EDU EDU, Education & Early Childhood Development Political Party All letters, emails and other communications about any inspection reports…
2018-07406-TIR TIR, Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal Public Granting of a Development Permit from HRM in respect of PID #40304198 at…
2018-07403-JUS JUS, Justice Media Internal reports created in response to the death of Clayton Cromwell, at…
2018-07401-JUS JUS, Justice Media Records about the expansion of Provincial Restorative Justice Program…
2018-07253-ENV ENV, Environment Public Application & supporting documentation for waste water treatment plant…