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Request number Decision maker Source Date closed Summary
2019-08309-ISD ISD, Internal Services Political Party All documents and correspondence at the Director level or above gender based analysis on budgets, legislation, programs or policies and the results of any such analysis conducted January 1, 2018 to present. [Amended January 22, 2019]
2019-08308-ISD ISD, Internal Services Political Party All Correspondence with Rafah DiCostanzo regarding translation services from May 1, 2017
2018-08218-IGA IGA, Intergovernmental Affairs Political Party All documents and correspondence at the Director level and above related to citizenship status of children in the care of the Minister of Community Services from January 1, 2017 to present.
2018-07978-TIR TIR, Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal Media communications between corporations, or their lobbyists, and elected officials or government staff on the topic of distracted driving 1-Nov/2006 through 13-Dec/2007
2018-07975-TIR TIR, Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal Media Highlight reports and Final Presentation on the effect of the ban on hands-held devices while driving Time Frame 1 Apr/2008 through 1 Apr/2011 [Amended December 18, 2018]
2018-07977-TIR TIR, Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal Media written submissions from corporations, lobbyists, advocacy groups or members of the public on the topic of distracted driving. 1-Nov/2006 through 13-Dec/2007
2018-07861-ENV ENV, Environment Public All records pertaining to 415 Brooklyn Road Annapolis County AND/OR 3266304 Nova Scotia Ltd and/or Mike Lowe. Records to include, but not limited to all correspondence, documents, reports, letters, emails, faces, interoffice memos, etc.
2018-08094-BUS BUS, Business Media Briefing materials referencing the 11.1 million air route attraction program, Date range on request is January 1, 2018 to December 20, 2018.
2018-08020-DLF DLF, Lands and Forestry Public Since June 1, 2014 , relating to any assessment, approval, licence, authorization, or similar permission that the Province of Nova Scotia and / or Nova Scotia Lands requires in connection with the remediation of Boat Harbour, including any communications
2018-07896-COM COM, Community Services Public Income Assistance Policies and Allowances
2018-07882-JUS JUS, Justice Political Party Briefing notes correspondence director level and above for Nov. 2016 expansion of RJ program, date frame Sept 1 2015-Sept 1 2016.
2018-07817-COM COM, Community Services Political Party For the past 12 months: correspondence with the Minister, Deputy Minister, or CEO regarding the "New Rental Housing Program" and analysis, reports, or correspondence regarding the program's effectiveness.
2018-07798-HEA HEA, Health and Wellness Media Any Deloitte reports (interim, final) on the province's 5-year EMR (electronic medical record) strategic plan; reports would have been worked on and completed sometime in time frame 2008-2018
2019-08119-DLF DLF, Lands and Forestry Public Letter regarding Fishermans Cove. Fishermans Cove Development Association dated November 28, 2018
2018-08065-HEA HEA, Health and Wellness Media Correspondence in the past year (December 17, 2017 - December 17, 2018) between officials at Tourism NS and the Dept. of Health regarding ticks and Lyme disease
2018-08024-JUS JUS, Justice Political Party All current policies related to the conducting of searches in provincial correctional facilities and any statistical records kept about the number and type of searches conducted annually from 2013 to present
2018-07934-ISD ISD, Internal Services Political Party All current contracts with telecommunications service providers
2018-07665-JUS JUS, Justice Media All records relating to the use and disabling of intercoms at the Central Nova Correctional Facility (Burnside Jail) 2015 to present
2018-08050-DEM DEM, Energy and Mines Media All records-including but not limited to emails, memos , correspondence, reports-pertaining to the Warwick drill hole referenced in FOIPOP 2018-07475-DEM
2018-07174-FIS FIS, Fisheries and Aquaculture Public Requesting all documents relating to DFA's investigation into the cause of the Infectious salmon anemia outbreak at Dartek and Little Harbour hatcheries in 2018.

2018-07797-HEA HEA, Health and Wellness Public Information pertaining to a grant received from the Province of Nova Scotia in 2015 for the amount of 224,000 to the Epilepsy Association of Nova Scotia
2018-07802-COM COM, Community Services Public Average IA payments: costs to increase IA asset limit; costs to eliminate boarding and lodging rates; costs to exempt tax free savings accounts from allowable assets, number of IA cases as of Oct 2018 and cases eligible for employment wage incentive
2018-07800-JUS JUS, Justice Political Party All documents produced as a result of any evaluations of the restorative justice program of the Community Justice Society conducted between January 1, 2013 and present.
2018-07812-COM COM, Community Services Political Party Housing Nova Scotia - rent supplements
2018-07580-FTB FTB, Finance and Treasury Board Public Cost analysis of tax exemptions for the province of NS