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Request number Decision maker Source Date closed Summary
2019-00656-COM COM, Community Services Political Party Policy - Child Poverty Rates - All documents and correspondence at the Executive Director level and above regarding child poverty rates in Nova Scotia from January 1, 2019 to present.
2018-08087-ENV ENV, Environment Media Records related to the potential ban or levy on the use of plastic bags and film plastic
2019-01228-LAE LAE, Labour and Advanced Education Political Party Records of all orders issued to employers as a result of labour standards violations, December 2018 - Present.
2019-01131-LAE LAE, Labour and Advanced Education Public OHS Orders issued to Marco Maritimes Limited for 2019
2019-01113-MUN MUN, Municipal Affairs and Housing Media The amounts paid to Vida Living Inc. and Blackbay Real Estate Group by the Department for the purposes of renovating/rehabilitating affordable rental housing and constructing new units of affordable housing from January 1, 2017 to present.

2019-01089-JUS JUS, Justice Public Yearly Provincial data from 2010-2019 for the Convictions, charges stayed, dropped/withdrawn and dismissed
2019-00946-EXE EXE, Executive Council Office Media All records since Jan 1/18, including minute letters, presentations, notes and emails regarding Owls Head and PID 00489591, 40751273, 40747586, 41308008, 41308016, 40747578 and 41307992
2019-00700-JUS JUS, Justice Political Party All briefing materials provided to the Minister regarding police street checks for the period of April 1, 2019 to present
2019-01074-PPS PPS, Public Prosecution Service Business Requesting records on law firms hired for striking Crown Attorneys
2019-01210-JUS JUS, Justice Business Request for records of the operator's cabin from a named business on a collapsed crane
2019-01152-TNS TNS, Tourism Nova Scotia Media All responses in section 06 on the Tourism Nova Scotia 2019 visitor exit survey submitted between January 1, 2019 to November 8, 2019.
2019-01118-MUN MUN, Municipal Affairs and Housing Public Request for a fire report
2019-01108-MUN MUN, Municipal Affairs and Housing Business Requesting fire report on a named address
2019-01105-IMM IMM, Immigration Media The names of designated businesses who hired employees and the number of employees who were hired by each business through the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program between January 2017 and October 30, 2019
2019-00888-DEM DEM, Energy and Mines Media All communication (internal & external) & official documentation relating to mineral resources development fund funding to the mining assoc. of NS for the Oct 2019 "Gold Show" [up to Sept. 27, 2019]
2019-00665-COM COM, Community Services Political Party Policy - Poverty Reduction - All documents and correspondence at the Executive Director level or above regarding evaluations of Building Vibrant Communities Grants, Poverty Reduction Government Innovation Projects and Social Innovation Lab
2019-00632-BUS BUS, Business Political Party Correspondence or briefing notes to/from the executive director level and above regarding short-term rental regulations in the past year (August 29, 2018 to August 29, 2019).
2019-00623-SNIS SNIS, Service Nova Scotia and Internal Services Political Party A list of reports/audits from the Internal Audit Centre for the past year and copies of executive summaries and management letters.
2019-00619-ENV ENV, Environment Political Party Any correspondence from the executive director level and above regarding consultation on new EGSPA legislation in the past year.
2019-08325-ENV ENV, Environment Political Party Records related to changes in emissions projections for 2030 from estimate submitted to Environment and Climate Change Canada in 2017.
2019-00851-LAE LAE, Labour and Advanced Education Political Party All letters, emails, texts or other correspondence concerning the decision to assume liability for potential damage due to the removal of the construction crane in downtown Halifax. Please include any discussion of potential financial risks and risks to…
2019-00778-COM COM, Community Services Media CYFS - Places of Safety - From Sept 1/16 to Aug 31/19 a list of the number of kids placed in places of safety. Include length and cost of stays, type of location and DCS office responsible for each file.
2019-00694-JUS JUS, Justice Political Party All data and analysis of close confinement in provincial correctional facilities from February 1, 2019 to present
2019-00628-ENV ENV, Environment Political Party Correspondence and briefing notes at the executive director level and above regarding the proposed Canada-Nova Scotia equivalency agreement (carbon Dioxide emissions from coal-fired generation of electricity) in the last year.
2019-00620-COM COM, Community Services Public Policy/ESIA/DSP/BIDA: Claw Back - Claw back of CPP Disabled Child Benefit, Can. Pension Plan Orphan Benefit and WCB Dependant Child Benefit. Claw back of CPP Disability Benefit for Adults, EI Benefits & WCB Benefits. From Jan. 1, 2019 to Aug. 20, 2019.